An Analysis of Working Styles in Different Professions in Russia

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Dmitry Kasyanov


A convenience sample of 861 people (451 female, 410 male) working in a range of organisations and professions in Russia completed a translation into Russian of the Working Styles Questionnaire (Hay 1992).  Statistical analysis indicated adequate discrimination between styles and it was possible to create norm tables based on the full sample.  Average patterns are presented for each of 15 occupations including engineers, information technology, public relations, secretarial, sales, accounting, economists and HR roles.  It can be seen that Be Perfect style predominates in every occupational pattern, with Please People a close second in most and Hurry Up least evident in most.

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Kasyanov, D. (2014). An Analysis of Working Styles in Different Professions in Russia. International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research & Practice, 5(1), 9-14.
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Dmitry Kasyanov

Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (Organisational and Educational), Licensed NLP Trainer, Fellow Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, MPhil for research into management competencies, Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies Chief Executive of Psychological Intelligence Ltd, A D International and Sherwood Publishing. Past president of the European and International Transactional Analysis Associations (EATA and ITAA). Founder and President 2006-8 of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. Founding Director of the International Centre for Developmental TA and the International Centre for Developmental Super-Vision. Over 40 year’s organisational experience as employee, manager, trade unionist, trainer, consultant, entrepreneur. 25 years experience teaching TA in many areas of the world. Author of numerous articles, books and packs on TA, NLP, management competences and assessment, action learning, group dynamics, coach/mentoring, and corporate culture change Programme Director MSc Professional Development (Developmental Transactional Aanlysis) Student on MSc TA Psychotherapy