Script Drama Analysis II

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Stephen B Karpman, MD


This paper completes the original Script Drama Analysis article (Karpman, 1968) that first introduced the Drama Triangle, Role Diagram, and Location Diagram into TA script literature. As did the previous article, this script theory paper also creates ‘as many new ideas as possible’ to continue Berne's legacy of invention by brainstorming as he taught his followers in his weekly Tuesday night seminars ‘Think Tank’ in San Francisco in the 1960s. (Karpman, 2014).

New game and script theory are woven into novel combinations, to open doors and inspire additional new script theory. Included are: a) 15 new scripting drama triangles including the Palimpsest, Redecision, Transference, Freudian, Existential, Miniscript, Biodynamic, and Darwinian Drama Triangles; b) A family games analysis including the child's Redecision Triangle, the Script Game, Script Scene, Script Scene Imago and Dysfunctional Family Analysis; c) Two new script formulae for the Script Game Payoff; d) Three new internal and external Script Energy Drive Systems; e) Three new script reinforcement systems: Script Formula G, Script Formula P3. and a Miniscript Drama Triangle; f) A new three-cornered Darwinian instinct; g) Six new Existential Continuums; and h) Four combination three level script teaching diagrams.

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