IJTARP is an open access journal that publishes TA theory, practice and research across the full range of TA applications. It also promotes research comparing TA and other models and non-TA research that has significant implications for TA theory or practice. It also publishes papers on the practice and theoretical underpinnings of TA.

IJTARP has an ongoing partnership with the TA Research website, where abstracts are published in a number of alternative languages . These translations are kindly provided by volunteers from the international TA community.  If abstracts in your language are not yet listed on the TA Research website and you would like to join the community of volunteers in helping create further translations, please feel free to contact us.

Open access publishing costs money - even though the IJTARP Editor and the Reviewers, Authors and Translators all provide their services voluntarily. Big publishers charge authors c. $2000 or more per paper to make their work open to all. IJTARP charges authors nothing and lets them keep their copyright. Please help us maintain this arrangement. And please tell your colleagues about this great free resource of TA research and practice.  Please click here to make a donation.

Vol. 15 No. 1 (2024): International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research & Practice

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