Hard contracts, soft contracts and the unconscious

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Tony White


This article is an examination of what hard and soft contracts are, how they impact the psychotherapy process differently, and especially how they impact the unconscious and the type of unconscious material each type of contract will tend to elicit. This in turn has considerable effects on what happens in the therapy room.  The two types of contracts create a different ambience and climate in which the psychotherapy can occur. This article explains what the two different approaches are and how they can be dealt with by the therapist.

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White, T. (2022). Hard contracts, soft contracts and the unconscious. International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research & Practice, 13(2), 25-31. https://doi.org/10.29044/v13i2p25
Author Biography

Tony White, WPATA, ITAA

1985 - 2002; Lecturer and clinical trainer, Counselling and Care Centre Singapore & Singapore Transactional Analysis Association.


1986 - to date: Registered Psychologist in private practice


1989 – to date: Training program and supervisor for counselling and psychotherapy. Training counsellors for an Advanced Diploma in Counselling, Level 7


1991 - 2000: Co-ordinator of St. John Ambulance Service (WA) employee support program.


1999 - 2004. Acting Respite Co-ordinator - Level 6. Association of Relatives and Friends of the Mentally Ill.


1999 – 2001: Evening Counsellor Supervisor, Palmerston Drug Rehabilitation Centre.


2002 to date: YMCA Perth, Employee Support Counsellor


2005 - To date: Invitational lecturer, Murdoch University Psychology Programme


2005 to 2007: Senior Psychologist, Medical Centre, Acacia Prison.